Saturday, July 4, 2015

Unprocessed challenge

There is a book by Megan Kimble, called Unprocessed. She deems that she can eat anything with ingredients that she could feasibly (even if time consuming) make herself at home. That means that she considers whole grains that are milled, cooked veggies, etc all to be unprocessed because with the right amount of time, she could make these items. Other items like white flour or processed sugar she could not make at home, she would need to make in a lab. (White flour strips out the nutrients and then adds them back in and even bleaches the flour by adding chlorine!). 100% Honey or agave nectar can be used in the place of sugar.

Only on Chapter 3 of the book, I am attempting the challenge. I am pulling out the handy juice maker, bread maker, steamer, and rice cooker (for quinoa and brown rice) and will be baking /making new dishes weekly that fit these requirements.

The hardest part is that you have to check the ingredients very closely. My go-to corn tortillas (Mission thin tortillas because thinner = less calories and carbs) have more than corn, water, and acid. Apparently they also have benzoic acid and amylase, both suspect ingredients not only for someone eating unprocessed, but for all people who don't like odd food additives. Benzoic acid is "harmless" in small quantities but poisonous if overexposed. Supposedly humans would need a lot of it to be poisoned, but even in lower doses it is known to cause rashes and asthma. 

So off to the store I go to get whole food ingredients and start making recipes. This week I will be trying out a few bread recipes. 

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